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27 June 2020 08:00

Sandro Gegechkori

Piano Recital

Sandro Gegechkori

livestream project by lenø Sessions

June 27th, 20:00 PM, the guest of interactive live stream by "Leno Sessions" - a laureate of numerous international and republic festivals-competitions, pianist Sandro Gegechkori. Artists Union "Conceptart" in collaboration with Rachmaninoff International House-Museum 'Ivanovka" and international classical music festival "Klassiek op het Amstelveld" presents a live piano solo recital concert of Sandro Gegechkori.

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 Sandro Gegechkori is a winner of many famous and prestigious competitions. He has been participating with solo piano recital projects in numerous brilliant concert halls : The Royal Concertgebouw (Amsterdam), Kaisersaal (Vienna), Mozarthaus (Vienna), Nanjing concert hall of performing arts (Nanjing) and etc. Therefore, Gegechkori gives orchestral performances in Georgia and abroad.

Sandro is 1st prize winner and grand-prix winner in Feurich, Babajanyan and Soreli international piano competition. In 2017, Rachmaninoff international house – museum “ Ivanovka “ has funded a brand new festival called “ Sandro Gegechkori with Sergey Rachmaninoff “

project by: Artists Union ConceptArt