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08 December 2022 20:00

Georgian Film Music Project

Memory Card #2

Georgian Film Music Project

Tbilisi State Conservatoire Recital Hall

Heritage of legendary Georgian composers and film directors in one musical performance. A journey through the world of Georgian cinema and music with Nikoloz Rachveli, Georgian Philharmonic Orchestra and famous soloists.

Author of musical concept and original orchestral versions - Nikoloz Rachveli

Screenwriter and  Director - Teona Jorbenadze

Stage Designer - Vano Chelidze

General manager - Nino Nakhutsrishvili

The project is presented by Artists Union ConceptArt, was created with the support of Magticom.

General partner - National Music Center of Georgia. 

Informational partners: Radio Holding "Fortuna", Media Holding Palitra,  information center 118-08.

project by: Artists Union ConceptArt