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Documentary film "Angels of Sorrow" Giya Kancheli


Cinema Amirani

project by: Artist Union Conceptart

production: Teona Jorbenadze

A documentary film “Angels of Sorrow”, dedicated to the 80th Jubilee of a contemporary Georgian classic composer - Giya Kancheli is filmed during the concert tour in several cities of the world.

Indeed, what would the world be like if we could hear the sound of angels ...

He faced the brutality of war for the first time at the age of 5 during the second world war.

Extreme poverty and father’s expectance... no one knew whether he would come back from the war or not.

He is an artist, for whom the most important thing in all time was freedom. During Soviet period, he was accused of introducing morphine with his music and that he rejoiced enemies in capitalist countries with it. Giya Kancheli with his friends replied to all these from theater stage, where they reflected the whole absurdity of the Soviet Union.

He has become the classic in his lifetime, his compositions are taught in musical academies and performed in the first class concert halls by renown conductors, soloists and orchestras. Despite many positive reviews, the critics, as he puts it dedicate many – “devastating” ones as well. He reads such letters with particular attention and adds each new one in his collection. John Malkovich is reading one of the critical letters from Giya Kancheli's personal collection in the film with kind of irony. (Project the Music Critic).

The film tells us the story of an artist's fate in the modern world. "Angels of Sorrow" can save us, but we should manage to hear the sound of their music...