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22 September 2016 20:00

Magti Anniversary

Magti & ConceptArt

Magti Anniversary

Tbilisi Rooms Hotel

Every September 22 “Magti” celebrates company birthday. In 2016 together with ConceptArt  they hosted guests in Tbilisi Rooms Hotel Garden as well as Magti's room and library. Nato Metonidze with David Shamanauri and pianist Paata Andriadze, performed the updated version of the composition created by Dato Evgenidze specialy for "Magti" .


    Nato Metonidze (singer)

    David Shamanauri (trumpet)

    Paata Andriadze (piano)

Screenwriter and Producer

    Teona Jorbenadze

Production Designer

    Vano Chelidze

project by: Magti

production: Artists Union Conceptart