If you can dream it, you can do it

14 May 2023 20:00

City Lights

Lisa Batiashvili & Nikoloz Rachveli

City Lights

Theater at Potsdamer Platz

City Lights / Premiere

Lisa Batiashvili

Magical Musical Performance

The adventure of a little girl who, with her dreams and strong faith, broke through The Iron Wall of the Soviet Union and became a world-renowned violinist !!!

Georgisches Kammerorchester Ingolstadt

Conductor and Music director Nikoloz Rachveli

Screenwriter and Director - Teona Jorbenadze

Follow Your Dreams... make your wishes and who knows what untold adventures await you in your dearest cities in 2023!

City Lights includes 12 compositions dedicated to different cities of the world. Among them are Berlin, Paris, London, Buenos Aires, New York, Tbilisi and others. The composition dedicated to each city is based on the melodies of legendary authors: Bach, Dvorak, Strauss, Legrand, Chaplin, Morricone, Piazzolla, which Nikoloz Rachveli used to create pieces and musical fantasies for violin and symphony orchestra, with a new type of dramaturgy and original orchestration.