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17 November 2021 20:00

Beka Gochiashvili / Trio

Charity Concert

Beka Gochiashvili / Trio

The New Theatre

On the 17th of November renowned Georgian jazzman, Beka Gochiashvili and his friends will hold a charity concert in “New Theatre”. Artists Levan Deisadze, Zaza Tsertsvadze and Lasha Deisadze will also participate in the concert.

The donations from the concert will fully be transferred for publishing the historical memories of the member of the first Georgian independent parliament - Giorgi Laskhishvili. The book is a first-person narration about Georgia’s social, political, and cultural aspects prevalent at the beginning of the 20th century. The reader will also get familiar with the important facts like Ilia Chavchavaze’s direct support and funding of Georgia’s first Federalist party and interesting disputes about various subjects the founder of the party and Chavchavadze had. One of the highlights of the book is about a central figure of Georgian literature - Mikheil Javakhishvili,  who’s eccentric attire whilst appearing in the publishing house drew the attention of the public. Among many engrossing stories reflecting Georgia’s manifold past this book also tries to convey the stories of people who tried to implement the Europan and Switzerland models of governance in Georgia.

project by: Artists Union ConceptArt