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Georgian Symphony Orchestra was officially established in 1925 and its first artistic director and principal conductor was Ivane Paliashvili. In 1933 the Orchestra was awarded with the State status and its principal conductor became Evgeny Mikeladze - legendary conductor, who was a victim of 1937 repressions. In 1971 Georgian State Symphony Orchestra was awarded with the status of honored Orchestra and in 1994 - it was named after Evgeny Mikeladze.

At different times the Orchestra was directed by the conductors Aleksandre Gvelesiani, Grigol Kiladze, Aleksandr Gauk, Shalva Azmaiparashvili, Odissey Dimitriadi, Jemal Gokieli, Zakaria Khurodze, Jansugh Kakhidze, David Del Pino Klinge, Vakhtang Matchavariani; also, music directors: composers Andria Balanchivadze and Alexi Matchavariani.

In 2005 Georgian State Symphony Orchestra, together with other State status collectives, was united in newly established Georgia National Music Center and 25 years old composer Nikoloz Rachveli was invited from Vienna University of Music and Performing Arts as an Music Director. From 2007 he has combined the position of principal conductor of the Orchestra.

The Orchestra has implemented lots of successful performances. Among them are concert tours abroad in various worldwide famous venues, such as the Moscow Conservatory Grand Hall, Berlin Philharmonic Concert Hall, Amsterdam ConzertGebau, Athens and Frankfurt Concert Halls, Paris Les Invalids, Pierre Cardin Center, UNESCO Hall & Salle Pleyel, St. Petersburg Schostakovich Philharmonic Hall, Tallinn NORDEA Concert Hall, Berlin Konzerthaus, Brussels Palais de Beaux Arts BOZAR, Strasbourg Convention Centre, Hamburg ElbPhilharmonie, Frankfurt Alte Oper, etc.

During 94 years of its existence, the Orchestra’s repertoire includes all the most important pieces of the Georgian symphony music and numerous masterpieces of the world’s symphony and opera music. The Orchestra is the first performer practically of all important National symphony music pieces, as well as performs Georgian premieres by numerous foreign composers.

In 2013, due to the reform at the National Music Center of Georgia, the young talented musicians of the new generation, successfully performed in the various Orchestras of Georgia and abroad, joined the State Symphony Orchestra. Thereafter the renewed Orchestra is called Georgian Philharmonic Orchestra. During the same year, the outstanding Georgian Musicians: Giya Kancheli, Alexander Toradze, Josef Bardanashvili, Paata Burchuladze and Shalva Mosidze were elected as an Artistic Council. Georgian Philharmonic Orchestra is the first Orchestra in Georgia, who has received the right to choose its creative director (before this position was appointed by the Georgian Minister of Culture). In December 2013, Maestro Nikoloz Rachveli was chose as an Music Director and Principal Conductor of Georgian Philharmonic Orchestra and thereafter Orchestra performed lots of successful concerts with the invited Georgian and foreign musician-performers in Georgia and abroad.