If you can dream it, you can do it

Art Manager / Producer

Graduated from the Tbilisi State Conservatoire Solo Piano and Chamber Ensemble Departments. During her studies she has performed solo recitals, concerts with the various chamber ensembles, as well as Symphony Orchestras. In 1997-2005 she was teaching solo piano and chamber music at the Tbilisi Central Music School for Gifted Children and Tbilisi Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Georgian-French College. In the various years she was Directing Marketing and PR Department at the National Music Center of Georgia and was Vice Director of the Tbilisi Central Music School for Gifted Children.


From 2010 she is the General Manager of LEPL Georgia National Music Center and thereafter organizes various concerts, festivals and events with the participation of the Music Center Collectives - Georgian Philharmonic Orchestra, Georgian Brass, Georgian Strings and State String Quartet of Georgia - and famous Georgian and foreign musician-performers.


Nino has managed and realized lots of successful projects, among them: Contemporary Music Festival KONTRAPUNKT, Cello Season, Festival String Quartet Welcomes, Tbilisi Choir Music Festival, Georgian Music Schools Competition-Festival, Anniversary Concerts and Festivals of the famous soloists and composers, various governmental events and open-air concerts, International Chess Olympiad Opening Ceremony in 2018 and many others. During the years Nino has collaboration with the various charity foundations and International Festivals. She has organized concert tours all around Georgia and abroad, among them in Germany, France, Turkey, Estonia, Ukraine, Russia, Greece, Lebanon, USA, etc. She has directed music program in the frame of the 2018 Frankfurt Book Fair, in the frame of which lots of successful concerts were implemented all around Germany.