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03 March 2019 20:00

Valerian Shiukashvili - Pregnancy Music


Valerian Shiukashvili - Pregnancy Music

Tbilisi Rooms Hotel - Garden Hall

The Artists Union ConceptArt hosted the presentation of the solo concert of Valerian Shiukashvili and the new album "Pregnancy Music" on 3 March. The pianist has performed masterpieces of Bach, Schubert, Handel, Mozart, Schumann, Chopin and Tchaikovsky. Nino Daraseli was leading the concert. The project was supported by Tbilisi City Hall.


    Valerian Shiukashvili (piano)

Screenwriter and Producer

    Teona Jorbenadze

Graphic design


    Guga Aptsiauri

Production Designer

    Vano Chelidze