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09 - 10 January 2018 20:00

The Worlds Greatest Soundtracks

ConceptArt & Nikoloz Rachveli

The Worlds Greatest Soundtracks

Tbilisi Concert Hall

Concert of World’s Greatest Soundtracks, the “Memory” of several generations

The cinema according to the great film directors resembles music most of all because its success depends on creation of mood and building up emotion, whereas comprehension of the seen begins only after the impression has been made. The event is the compilation of the film and music that remain in people’s minds throughout their lives. 
Alongside with the world film music masterpieces, the fragments from many award-winning films are presented to the audience, as well as legendary actors: Charles Chaplin, Marcello Mastroianni, Sophia Loren, Anouk Aimee, etc. The fragments from the famous Georgian films and portraits of great Georgian actors are also presented. Among them are the soundtracks by famous Georgian composer - Giya Kancheli.
Composer, conductor and pianist - Nikoloz Rachveli is leading the concert and at the same time - telling the stories about Charles Chaplin, Federico Fellini, Nino Rota, Michel Legrand, Ennio Morricone, etc. as well as about the values that cinematography and music have jointly created for the audience during the decades.

special guest

    Nino Katamadze (singer)
    Mario Stefano Pietrodarchi (accordion)


    Natalia Kutateladze (mezzo_soprano)

    Giorgi Shamanauri (trumpet)

    Rezo Kiknadze (saxophone)

    Georgian Philharmonic Orchestra

    conductor- Nikoloz Rachveli

    General Manager - Nino Nakhutsrishvili

Screenwriter and Producer

    Teona Jorbenadze 

    Video editor - Levan Kukhashvili 

Production Designer

    Vano Chelidze

    Lighting designer - Ia Nadirashvili 

production: Artists Union Conceptart