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19 December 2017 20:00

Geocell For Georgian Cinematography


Geocell For Georgian Cinematography

Silk Factory Studio

Soundtracks from Georgian movies presented on three different stages and three different music genres. Original versions of Nika Machaidze, David Malazonia and Nikoloz Rachveli. Movie footage from the gold fund of Georgian cinema.

special guest

    Nino Katamadze 

    Nato Metonidze 

    Misho javaxishvili 

    Ani Kekua 


    Temur Jaiani (violin)

    Anna Tschania (violin)

    David Shamanauri (trumpet)

    Levan Deisadze (guitar)

    Zaza Tsertsvadze (drum)

    Nika Machaidze (electronic versions)

    David Malazonia & Iriao

    Georgian Philharmonic Orchestra
    Author of the original orchestral version / conductor -  Nikoloz Rachveli 

project by: Geocell

production: Artists Union Conceptart