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03 February 2015 20:00

Boris Paichadze - 100

Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs & ConceptArt

Boris Paichadze - 100

Rustaveli Theatre

Concert dedicated to the legendary Football Player Boris Paichadze's 100th anniversary. Rezo Chkhikvishvili, a Georgian actor who for years live and work in Europe, visited Tbilisi to participate in the Concert  orginized by Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs & ConceptArt. He told about important episodes of "Football Caruso" life. 

special guest

    Rezo Chkhikvishvili 


    Eka Mamaladze
    Nato Metonidze
    Gia Tchiraqadze
    Davit Mazanashvili

    Ensemble Dielo 

Screenwriter and Producer

    Teona Jorbenadze

Production Designer

    David Apciauri