If you can dream it, you can do it

Theatre and Film Critic; PhD in Art Studies; Full Professor at SHOTA RUSTAVELI THEATRE AND FILM GEORGIA STATE UNIVERSITY; Culture Analyst; Editor of Culture Department at RESONANSI Newspaper; Member of A.I.C.T. (Internationale Association of Theatre Critics); Board member of TBILISI INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL of THEATRE.

Author of the texts for the books: Gogi Ochiauri, Litera, 2008; LOUIS – Decoupage, Centaur; The sculpture and Art of Gogi Ochiauri; Nova Sciaence Publisgers, Inc. New York, 2011.

Co-author of the book:  Georgia’s European Ways,  Political and Cultural Perspectives – Article – At the Crossroads - Supported by the Office of the State Minister of Georgia of Euro-Atlantic Integration, 2015; The Power of Georgian Women Filmmakers – Articals: From Georgia to Cinema with Love; Three Women under One Sky; Frinted and published in the Refublic of Korea, 2014;

Co-author of several scientific collections and the author of tens of scientific articles and publications. Editor and reviewer of tens of books, text-books, journals, scientific collections and publications. Participant of tens of conferences, Symposiums, Projects.

Authored recent collections: Georgian Film Makers - Art of Rezo Chkheidze; Aleko Tsabadze’s Art Wandering Nowhere; “Soviet Myth and  Kino Hystory of the Soviet Union  of 1900-1930”; “Art in the Era of Totalitarism of 1930-1960”; “In the Flying Shell” – Art Processes of 1960-2000”; “Cofession of Artist or His Fate in the Surrounding of Myths”.

Authored recent publications: SESSO DEBOLE, FILM FORTI; Portrait of Georgian Cinema from “Perestroika” to the Contemporary Scene; A Ruby Day Is Over; Corn Island; New Chronicles of Tbilisi of the 90s and About Choice; “Culturefilm “Buba” – Reflection of the Soviet Times; “Cofession of Artist or His Fate in the Surrounding of Myths”; “Apocalypse of the XXI Century – There is a Bound  - Mortals are not Allowed to Break”; “Politics and its Influence on Film Production and Artistic Processes”; Georgian Cinema before and after Independence; Keti Machavariani: Salt White; Aleko Tsabadze: Rene Goes to Hollywood; “About  Fate the Way Home”; Back to Classics and the History of Georgia”; “Do you Know What does Paternal House Mean?”; “There was a Time for Blood and for Building in our History”;  “Throw down Colored Papers from the Theatres”; “Historical Truth and Personal Choice”; “All Our Paradises”; “Zone of Conflict”; “George Danelia”; “From Social Realism to Postmodernism”; “Georgian Cinematography Seeking for Lost Time”; “In Russian Triangle as in a Trap”; “Fables by Alexander Rekhviashvili”; “Place for Time and Epoch in Creation of Art Work”;  “Evolution of Myths from Ancient Times to Contemporary Georgia”; “Seeking for Poetic Sources in Georgian Culture”; “I will Answer Tomorrow”.

Received Professional Awards: 1986 – Union of Cinematography of Georgia Award for the Best Work "Nostalgia”; 1991 – Newspaper CAUCASUS Award for the best publication “Mama Roma”; 2010 – Regional Union of Adjara Theatre Associates Award for the articles published on their performances; 2011 – Theatre Association of Georgia Award for the article “Performance on Georgia, with a Mask Removal Pudding of Banana and Quince Dipped in Rome and Cognac”; 2014 -  Theatre Association of Georgia Award for the article “Winter.s Cold and Sad Days”.